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Without Further Ado ... THE PHONE NUMBER FOR YELP !!!

YELP PHONE NUMBER: 877-924-9357

YELP PHONE NUMBER: 415-908-3801 Will ask you to enter a extention number, If you dont have one it will ask you to press 1 to speak with a operator, then leave a message

877-924-9357 x 4663

877-924-9357 x 4333

YELP PHONE NUMBER: 877-924-9357

YELP FAX NUMBER: 415-462-0506

Media Contact Information
Yelp Press Office
Vince Sollitto
(415) 230-6506

Investor Relations Contact Information
The Blueshirt Group
Stacie Bosinoff, Nicole Gunderson
(415) 217-7722


"I called the number you offered and found the 2601 extension did not work but 4663 did! I just picked 4 numbers. I left a message, lets see what happens now!

(later ...)

Our company received a review from a neighbor of a client complaining about parking. I called the number you offer and tried different made up extension numbers till ex. 4663 worked and gave me a voicemail box to a Sydney...left my number and she called me back, of course hoping I wanted to spend money advertising on Yelp.

She explained that there is nothing that could be done about the fraudulent review other than to respond publicly and let it go. She then had the nerve to ask if I would consider paying for advertising with Yelp! I bet you can imagine what I said to her..."

Sorry to get your hopes up, but they NEVER answer the phone.

At least they will have to pay a few cents per minute every time you call !!!

The irony of all the hard working local businesses that answer the phone day and night, yet get bad reviews for not answering every phone call.

And Yelp never, never, never, never, answers their own phone.

We suggest contacting the BBB.

Yelp BBB contact info

Do you want to invest in yelp ???

Investor Relations Contact Information
The Blueshirt Group
Stacie Bosinoff, Nicole Gunderson
(415) 217-7722


“Hadeed Carpet services 35,000 customers per year,” wrote the company’s lawyer, Raighne Delaney, in a comment on a Public Citizen post about the case. “It advertises a lot. It is interesting that a few anonymous comments target Hadeed Carpet’s advertising repeatedly. Are these different posters, or one poster with different names? Hadeed Carpet has not been able to identify these people as customers. If they are customers, Joe Hadeed wants to know so he can fix whatever problem he has.”

A local court found in favor of Hadeed in late 2012, ordering Yelp held in civil contempt for failing to comply with the carpet cleaner’s subpoena. Now a Virginia appeals court has affirmed that ruling.

The appeals court noted that dissatisfied customers “have a constitutional right to speak anonymously over the Internet. However, that right must be balanced against Hadeed’s right to protect its reputation.”

As it stands, the ruling could open the door to a lot of lawsuits, at least In Virginia. “We feel this ruling fails to protect the free speech rights of Internet users, and in particular the rights of consumers who are turning to sites like Yelp to share their experience with a local business,” Yelp said in a statement. The site is appealing to the Virginia Supreme Court.